Spoken English Adults

Why join our Spoken English for Adults classes?

English has become the most popular language of communication in the world. Our aim is to develop individuals into having a high command of Spoken English. There are several benefits of being able to speak English. If you are a working professional, you can improve your chances of career advancement because companies worldwide consider it a mandatory requirement and utilise English as their business language. As a student preparing to move abroad for higher education, you can improve your confidence and embrace a new culture. By mastering Spoken English, you will have a competency that has a global status.

Teaching Style

EmVi offers a very interactive learning environment. Although we provide one-on-one classes with expert trainers, we believe joining our group sessions will put individuals in a better position to develop their confidence in speaking English.


Daily conversations
Understanding various accents
Body Language
Building confidence

Our Spoken English (Adults) Package

4 Weeks (12 Hours)

Spoken English Children

Importance of English for Today’s Children

The relentless growth of English into a global language has led to it being required by various professional industries and higher education institutes. Therefore, EmVi believes that learning English at a young age gives children ample opportunity to develop their communication skills, which will lead to countless opportunities providing educational/career advancement.

Our Programme

EmVi’s approach to teaching Spoken English is based on interactivity and fun. We want children to enjoy learning English, therefore we have a range of activities that children will have the opportunity to embrace. Our focus will be on providing children the required basic knowledge and communication skills using the following methodologies:


Our Spoken English (Children) Package

4 Weeks (12 Hours)