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EmVi Training and Immigration provides a variety of comprehensive services that support individuals planning to migrate abroad for educational or employment purposes. EmVi has a team of highly qualified British personnel with extensive work experience in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada and Sweden. We are based in Padur on OMR Road, also known as the IT corridor, which has experienced remarkable growth over the last two decades. EmVi are heavily focused on ensuring individuals are comfortable and well-informed of all aspects of the migration process, including mandatory English Language Tests and criteria of various visa applications.

English Language Tests

We believe in delivering excellent IELTS & TOEFL training in a positive and challenging environment, which significantly maximise individuals’ global prospects. Our small-scale classrooms are conducive for specialised and detailed interaction, allowing candidates to acquire knowledge efficiently and rapidly. EmVi always put their students first, and for this reason, we customise our courses based on the students’ requirements.

Immigration Support

Furthermore, with our vast knowledge of immigration policies, EmVi can assist individuals by efficiently preparing visa applications (student and employment) for migration abroad. We understand submitting visa applications can be a strenuous process, however, EmVi can reduce the time and energy you may invest, and produce your application.